Maybelline Color Tattoo VS Mac Paint Pot

Until a few months ago I was a bit of a makeup snob only buying mid to high end brands but recently Ive been impressed by several 'drugstore' brands which I guess is proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Although the Maybelline Color Tattoo and Mac Paint Pot shades I have here (maybelline on and on bronze and MAC Nubile *limited edition*) are nothing alike in colour, they are very comparable in terms of wear and texture.

Both are cream shadows, the maybelline color tattoo is slightly more creamier than Mac but both are opaque. In terms of wear, these do not budge. I do wear these with a primer as my skin is quite oily but they both stay put without creasing. Both have glass pots with plastic lids but obviously there is a big price difference between the two.

MAC is £14.50 for 5g whereas Maybelline is £4.99 for around 4g. I love both of these products - the only real difference for me when it comes to purchasing is shades/finishes. Mac's permanent pots consist of neutral/more wearable shades and Maybelline have more brighter ones available but both brands are well worth a look!

Have you tried any of these items?


  1. I want to try color tattoo so badly! I'm going to purchase the black shade soon :)

    Have a nice day xx

  2. Such a great review! I think drugstore brands are doing really well at the moment & coming out with such good products to rival the likes of MAC. I really wanted to try one of the color tattoos but there wasn't a colour that really stood out to me - I wish they had a light creamy champagne shade! Hopefully they'll bring out more shades soon! xo

  3. @Lorraine thank you for the comment. The black shade would make a great liner too!xx

    @Jennie thank you for the lovely comment. I hope they bring out more shades too!They are so affordable xx

  4. Hiya,

    Have been wanting to try a paintpot, but now I think I will settle for a colour tattoo :')
    Have just found you through the BBU blog hop and have followed :)

    Would appreciate it if you visited my blog :)


  5. I really do need to pick one of the maybelline pots up - I've heard nothing but good things x

  6. Great review! Definitely gonna pick these up.

    Kendall & Tiana

  7. This is a great post I always wondered was there a dupe for Mac's painpots ! I found you through BBunite and love your blog! xx

  8. I love these! I just wish there were more Matte shades. Following back from the BBU Blog Hop

  9. I love your blog! Found you through BBU blog hop and I love your layout and style!
    Wanted to try these for ages but still not got round to it! :) xo

  10. Thanks for the comment Paula!will check out your blog xx

  11. I'm loving both of them haven't tried any yet but from what I see here,I might be inclined towards maybelline,simply because of the color, for summer and MAC for when the tan fades

  12. I have to say i think my colour tattoo has more staying power than my Mac paintpot & the price is a huge +
    I do agree that Maybelline need to release a few more nude / wearable shades in their range

  13. Ooooh great post! I wish Maybelline did more wearable shades.. I don't really fancy rocking a turquoise eye for a day to day look :( xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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