Linking your social media accounts to your blog is not only a good way to boost your subscribers but in turn get your blog posts ‘out there’.
You may already know how to add social media buttons to your blog in which case this will be super easy but first I’ll show you how to add these in case you don’t already know. Firstly, you need to find or create your social media buttons – there are tonnes of free ones on the internet. Once you have some buttons, you need to add them to photobucket or a similar site. Then you need to go to the layout page on blogger – add html and add the following code:

In the yellow area is where you place the link to your social media account. In the blue area is where you put the direct link to your image on photobucket (or alternative to photobucket). In this coding, I’ve adding some padding in order to space out the social media buttons. In orange, you can increase or decrease this number depending on how much spacing you want between your buttons.

Once you have you social media buttons, you can add them to your blog posts. Adding your buttons to your blog posts, just makes it that bit easier for readers to find/follow your accounts. To add your buttons to your posts, all you need to do is copy the above coding (the coding you have for your social media buttons on your blog) and go to settings on your blogger dashboard. Then go to posts and comments section and paste the coding into the post template area. Click save. This ensures that when you go to write a new blog post, the coding and your buttons will automatically show up in your blog post!

If you prefer to use text links rather than buttons like I have in this post then you need to use the coding below;
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google +
In yellow just add the link to your chose social media account and in purple is the name of the account – you can change these to whichever one you want to use. Again, if you want to use this code, just paste it into the post template area in the posts and comments section in your settings on blogger dashboard. I hope this was helpful.

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