MAC Alluring Aquatic Haul & Swatches

MAC’s summer collections are always a firm favourite. Being in the UK is extra lucky as the summer collection is released here first.
I didn’t expect this collection to be released for another week or two but I spotted online on Thursday and my order arrived this morning. I must admit, it arrived super fast – I used standard delivery as I missed the next day cutoff and it still arrived today. This time around I purchased three products. Having to make a wish list without seeing swatches first is tough so I just went from the colour story and descriptions on the MAC website.
The packaging is so beautiful. Even the outer boxes have the water splash on. On the product packaging are 3d water splashes which fit in with the aquatic theme. I chose the sea me hear me blush, mystical lipstick and eyeshadow in lorelei.

Sea me, hear me is an extra dimension blush in beige pink. I would describe it as a rose pink with beige undertones. The extra dimension formula blush is described by MAC as a liquid/powder with prismatic reflections. Sea me, hear me feels soft to touch and is pigmented but not overly so. I’m NC15 and though I havent tested the wear yet, on the swatch (below) I had to build up to get the colour you see. I’d imagine this is a buildable product so it wont apply to heavy on lighter skin tones. This blush has a slightly shimmery and metallic finish.


Lorelei an extra dimension eyeshadow in a golden beige shade with a metallic finish. The extra dimension shadows in this collection are mini sized and not the larger versions that have previously been released. Being a neutral lover, I think this shade is so beautiful. The pigmentation is incredible, better than the blush. The swatch below is literally a one finger swipe. The texture is also smooth and soft.



Finally, I ordered a lipstick in mythical – a midtone creamy rose with brown undertones in a cremesheen finish. I generally find MAC lipsticks drying but my lips are naturally on the drier side anyway. The cremesheen finish feels creamy, smooth and comfortable to wear. I usually get around four hours wear with a MAC lipstick.


I did find mystical was slightly on the sheerer side – it took several swipes to build the swatch up. However, it is a beautiful shade and goes well with the eyeshadow and blush. Overall, I’m happy with this little haul. All the lipsticks from this collection are currently sold out on the MAC website, as well as sea me, hear me but the collection should be in stores by the end of the week and its also still to go live on the Debenhams website too. Will you/have you picked anything up from this collection?


Linking your social media accounts to your blog is not only a good way to boost your subscribers but in turn get your blog posts ‘out there’.
You may already know how to add social media buttons to your blog in which case this will be super easy but first I’ll show you how to add these in case you don’t already know. Firstly, you need to find or create your social media buttons – there are tonnes of free ones on the internet. Once you have some buttons, you need to add them to photobucket or a similar site. Then you need to go to the layout page on blogger – add html and add the following code:

In the yellow area is where you place the link to your social media account. In the blue area is where you put the direct link to your image on photobucket (or alternative to photobucket). In this coding, I’ve adding some padding in order to space out the social media buttons. In orange, you can increase or decrease this number depending on how much spacing you want between your buttons.

Once you have you social media buttons, you can add them to your blog posts. Adding your buttons to your blog posts, just makes it that bit easier for readers to find/follow your accounts. To add your buttons to your posts, all you need to do is copy the above coding (the coding you have for your social media buttons on your blog) and go to settings on your blogger dashboard. Then go to posts and comments section and paste the coding into the post template area. Click save. This ensures that when you go to write a new blog post, the coding and your buttons will automatically show up in your blog post!

If you prefer to use text links rather than buttons like I have in this post then you need to use the coding below;
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google +
In yellow just add the link to your chose social media account and in purple is the name of the account – you can change these to whichever one you want to use. Again, if you want to use this code, just paste it into the post template area in the posts and comments section in your settings on blogger dashboard. I hope this was helpful.

a new fragrance: elizabeth arden untold

Today, I have Elizabeth Arden’s first signature fragrance to share with you. Untold celebrates the individuality of the modern woman and the untold stories that define and inspire her.

The fragrance is a sophisticated, sensual, feminine scent that captures the different facets that make the modern woman intriguing.
Untold opens with notes of pink pepper, crisp bergamot and fruity accents of pear and blackcurrant to reflect optimism and playfulness. Delicate gardenia petals and Egyptian jasmine reveal romantic femininity, whilst sensuality and mystery is evoked by notes of sandalwood, ambers and musk.

Untold is a soft but sensual fragrance that lingers without overpowering meaning its perfect for daytime wear as well as evening. A floral, fruity scent that whilst isn’t particularly groundbreaking would make a lovely fragrance for autumn/winter.

The beautiful glass bottle embodies the multi-faceted versatile nature of the modern woman. It looks really elegant and adds a hint of glamour to any dressing table.
I’m really surprised by how much I like this fragrance. Elizabeth Arden aren’t usually my go to brand for fragrance but Untold is a beautiful soft floral scent.

*Untold is available from August 4th at and 1st September Nationwide, priced from £35*


A great blog design can make a significant difference to your blog. Lets face it, we all want our blog to look good and if you dont want to spend a lot of money then here are a few options for you. There are a few free options on the web but these are five of my favourite templates.


A very chic and elegant template. The layout is a little different from normal, so if you download this make sure you read the instructions.
Demo |  Download

A beautiful modern template for blogger.
Demo | Downoad


A free pretty theme for wordpress

Demo | Download

Color Pop

A colourful template for blogger. Super pretty, I’m surprised its free!

Demo | Download

The Blog Theme

A cute wordpress design, ideal for all blogs.

Demo | Download


Leaving your blog link in a comment section is a great way to get your blog ‘out there’. As a blogger, I like to see who’s commenting and I’ve found some wonderful blogs not only in the comment section on here but also on other blogs too.

In the standard comment section of blogger/wordpress if you leave a link in the normal way it wont be a clickable link. So for example, if I were to comment on a blog post and leave this link underneath

you cant click on it to see my blog, you would have to copy and paste the link into the bar (or enter it manually) at the top of your browser for my blog to show.
In order to leave a clickable link all you need to do is add a little html coding, so mine would be<a href=””>Sweet Electric Blog</a>

or for your clicky link

<a href=”your blog link here”>your name or blog name here</a>
Just delete the blue text and add your blog/website link and delete the yellow and add your name/site name.

This is how my link now looks in comments

Your blog link is now clickable so now it will take people straight to your site!

I hope this was helpful!