Hair products and I have had a very love/hate relationship over the years. There’s only a few hair products that have really wowed me. Having oily roots and dry ends is a tough task to manage and a few years ago, I would have never entertained the thought of using a hair oil but these days, its a different story.

I guess you could say I’ve been converted. OK, I’ve only ever used two hair oils (the above and macadamia) but both of them get the thumbs up, though I think this one may just have the edge. Orofluido Hair Elixir c/o Hairtrade £11.89 contains three organic natural oils – argan, cyperus and linseed, which aim to strengthen, smooth and add shine. You can use this on both dry and wet hair. On wet hair, it aims to reduce drying time, add body and movement and make hair easier to comb. I’ve been using the oil on both damp and dry hair – usually I’ll put a small amount on before styling and add a little more when its fully dry. I find it works well used either way – my hair has a bit more movement to it and it gives my hair more shine when dry.

The texture is really thick so less really is more with this stuff. However, it feels really lightweight once applied – it doesn’t leave any residue at all, its pretty undetectable. A major plus point is the delicious scent. It literally smells like a MAC lipstick, which is all good if you’re a vanilla lover!
I’ve been using this oil for weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference in my hair condition. My hair feels much smoother, sleeker and overall healthier, whilst the ends are less dry. My hair is just so much more manageable *does happy dance*. If you’re a fan of hair oils, then this is definitely one to consider!

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