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Today I have another awesome Christmas giveaway for everyone. Up for grabs is a Naked Basics 2 eyeshadow palette. I love Urban Decay and karaoke machine for kids– they’re amazing quality so I felt it would be great to offer one for a giveaway. As usual all you need to do is enter your details into the rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open worldwide and will run for 2 weeks!
Next week I’ll be giving out a Stuhrling watch! so stay tuned!
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Looking to buy a popular Barbie doll house for your kids?

Look no further! Barbie, launched in 1959, has been a fashion icon for tweens and teens for the last 50 years.

As she evolved, she has donned a multitude of professional roles. Barbie has friends, family and even a horse called Tawny, as also cars. It is inconceivable then that she wouldn’t have a dream house to live in as well!
A Barbie doll house with all its bells and whistles is a great way to give your child endless hours of entertainment. If the doll house is big enough, even her friends can come over to play with her. Not only will a huge doll house boost your child’s dolls status, it will also boost your child’s social status. A Barbie house is a great opportunity for your child to explore her personality and to discover her tastes as there is no end to the customizations available.

How to Make Your Choice

Just like Barbie, these doll houses too have evolved and now come in all shapes and sizes, some up to 6 feet tall! You can buy castles, palaces, three and four-storey houses, houses with mini-furniture, fully equipped kitchen, luxurious bedrooms, opulent bathrooms… The list is endless.
A good starting point to select a dollhouse suitable for your child is the manufacturer’s recommended age. For a toddler you can buy one of the smaller sized dollhouses such as the Fisher Price My Loving Family Dream Home. For your energetic 4-5 year old, you can get one of the bigger miniature homes from KidKraft which is more sturdy and has more features.
If you are a fan of Mattel products, you have several options to choose from such as the Barbie 2-storey Beach House, Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse, Barbie The Popstar Magical Light Up Castle, etc. While a little more expensive, the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse is the most popular dollhouse in this line-up.
There are those who swear by KidKraft’s dollhouses as they are very sturdy. The KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse is one of their most popular models. They also have several other models like the So Chic Dollhouse, My Modern Mansion Dollhouse, Chelsea Doll Cottage, etc.
Melissa & Doug doll houses have always been a favorite with children. Some of the popular dollhouses in their range are the Wooden Folding Princess Castle, Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll House, Deluxe Multi-level Pink Wood Dollhouse, The House That Jack Built and their Fold & Go collection.
Fisher-Price has some good smaller dollhouses. The My Loving Family Dream Dollhouse with Caucasian and African-American versions, the Grand Dollhouse Super Set, My First Dollhouse and the Family Manor, Exclusive Holiday (complete with 50 accessories) and Sweet Streets Hotel Dollhouses are some of their best sellers.
As stated earlier, there are numerous dollhouses available, from Victorian to Chic, and from Cottages to Beach houses. So which are the top ten Barbie dollhouses you should consider? Here is a handy list.

1) Barbie Majestic Dollhouse
While this is one of the costlier Barbie Doll houses out there (retailing for about $150 or so), it is one of the most popular ones. It is big (over four feet tall), will last forever, and is intricately detailed. It has thirty-four accessories and mini-furniture included like cute little grandfather clocks, alphabet blocks for baby and even a pet kitten! This dollhouse has a garage with open able doors, French windows and even an elevator which goes from the third floor to the fourth!

2) Barbie Pink Three-Story Dream Townhouse
Standing at over 3 feet tall, this is a dollhouse that knows how to go to town! It is fully furnished with fifty five accessories, five rooms and is durable to boot. With lights and sounds on each level, you can switch on the chandelier, the fireplace, the refrigerator and other things. If your child fancies herself a chef, the kitchen timer will signal to her that the cake has been baked! Barbie hums while in the shower, the fireplace cackles, a flat-screen TV pops up to provide entertainment, and an elevator shuffles guests across when they aren’t relaxing in the outdoor spa! This dollhouse will keep your child engaged for years!

3) Barbie Classic Heirloom Victorian Dollhouse
If your child prefers the opulent luxury of vintage houses, then this Melissa & Doug Dollhouse with a price-tag of around $120 is the dollhouse to buy. It is made of sturdy wood and looks elegant, more so because of the painstaking attention to detail. Give your kids a taste for exquisite architecture and styling with this dollhouse!

4) Barbie Savannah Dollhouse
If your child is a Confederate, this is the dollhouse to get! Jokes apart, this is yet another elegant dollhouse that is perfect to introduce your kids to some American history. Made out of wood, it is a four feet …

HTML Cheat Sheet For Blogger

I’ve uploaded a few html tutorials in the past but today I thought I’d do a little update and add a few more popular codes. These are all really easy to apply to your blog and you can add them via the template designer in blogger. Simply go to the add css section in the template designer and copy and paste the coding you want into the blank box. click apply and you’ll see the changes. Sometimes blogger likes to play up and not co-operate so if you don’t see the changes straight away, you may need to copy and paste into the html directly (above the ]]></b:skin> ).

Centreing the post header

.post-title {
text-align: center;

Centreing the date header

.date-header {
text-align: center;

Centreing the sidebar headers

.sidebar h2 {
text-align: center !important;

Centreing the page titles

.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Re-sizing blog photos to the same size

.post-body img { width:600px; height:auto; }

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the width of your photos

Increasing space between the sidebar and post area

position: relative;
left: 40px !important;

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the size of the space

Increasing the space between your posts

.post-footer {
margin-bottom: 85px!important;}

you can increase or decrease the number in yellow to change the size of the space

Adding a border to the sidebar

.sidebar {
border: 1px solid #000000;
padding: 5px;

You need these codes besides having your own youtube channel. Videos help with audience retention and google loves low bounce rates. A viral video or two can really change everything. If you’re interested in cheating a bit and looking for the best site to buy real views for your videos then you can visit the link provided 

You can change the number in yellow to change the width of border and size of padding. You can change the colour code in blue to the shade of your choice – you can find html colour codes here
If there’s any coding you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below!…


I’ve been a bit slack on blogging lately but what better way to get back in the swing of things than with a giveaway! The lovely people over at The Sunglasses Shop have offered one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of Rayban sunglasses worth up to £120. I personally love Raybans as they’re a classic fashion accessory and give a lil bit movie star glam when paired with a red lipstick.
This giveaway is open worldwide – all you need to do is pop you details into the rafflecopter form below and make sure you follow the necessary requirements as I will be checking every entry.

Good Luck!!


Bit of a dramatic title – its sounds like we’re trying to survive the apocalypse!However, in all seriousness, for a beauty/shopping lover trying to curb you’re spending is hard work!As I’ve recently made the switch to working from home, I’m really having to take a long hard look at my outgoings and try to make cuts. For now, beauty splurges and buying random crap are officially on the back burner!I’ve never done a spending ban before. I usually stick to a budget but I have managed to do better than expected. Here’s a few things I’ve found that’s really helped:

* Avoid going into shops where you usually spend money
I’m still going shopping as I need to buy essentials, such as food and other necessities. I’ve managed to avoid places like Boots and Superdrug – places where I’m likely to cave in. If I start browsing makeup stands I will easily break.

* Don’t open emails from retailers
I’ve had so many emails with offers from Look Fantastic, Feel Unique etc. I’ve deleted every one so far as I know I’ll be really tempted if I open them and see an amazing offer. If you’re on a spending ban and think you might be tempted by emails, you could always unsubscribe for the time being.

* Avoid money saving websites
I normally stalk moneysavingexpert and HDUK to find all the best online bargains but I’ve been avoiding them for the past few weeks. I’ve taken them off my favourites bar for now as I know how tempting spotting an amazing steal can be.

* Allow yourself a treat
OK its cheating but letting yourself have one small treat in the middle of a spending ban just makes it so much easier.

* Make the most of what you already have
I have a few products that I completely forgot I owned, so using them again has sort of made up for the lack of new things. I also think swapping products/clothes with friends is also a great idea for when you’re on ban – its a great way of trying new things for free!

* Start saving towards a product/purchase
I’m currently thinking about buying a new winter coat so any spare pennies are being put to one side. Its actually quite satisfying saving up for something rather than just splashing out on a whim.

Do you have any tips for a spending ban?

html tips & tricks for blogger

A super quick post today as my laptop has literally just broken so I’m having to use an ancient one until I can sort it out #problems. I’m gutted that I’ve lost all my files and picture though – always back up and save your work, it will save a lot of hassle and stress!
Anyway, on to today. I’ve written a few html tip posts in the past and for the benefit of new readers, I thought I’d do a little roundup. Some of them may need tweaking so bare with me. Though I’m not a pro designer I love html and creating pretty blog templates,so these are a few ways you can change up your blog too without too much hassle.

How to add social media icons to blog posts
How to resize blog photos to the same size
Sidebar borders
Removing blogger attribution
How to add a background to the sidebar
Styling the sidebar
How to add a signature in blog posts
How to leave a clickable link in blog comments
Using your own background in blogger
Using google fonts
Make your own blog button with grab box…


1. Blogging will get you lots of ‘freebies’.
One of the perks of blogging is receiving things to review free of charge. Having said that, theres no guarantee just because you have a blog, you’re going to receive lots of products. The reality is that there are far more bloggers than samples. Blogs that only start for the purpose of getting products wont last long. Yes, if you work hard at your blog, put out great content and have passion then opportunities are likely to appear but they shouldn’t be expected or taken for granted.

2. Looking like a supermodel will get you lots of subscribers.
Now, this is a tough one because for fashion blogging then I guess looks do play a part somewhat. However, you don’t need to look a certain way to gain a readership. I read lots of blogs and for most of them, I have no idea what the writer looks like. If your content is good then people will read it. I’ve never read a blog because of what the writer looks like, maybe they are some people who do but in my honest opinion those people will get bored very easily if they’re not there for the content.

3. You need to make youtube videos to be a blogger.
A lot of bloggers upload videos on youtube. It’s something I considered until I actually got in front of a camera and froze – yep its not for me and I highly doubt I ever will. If its something you want to do then definitely give it a go. However, its not necessary and it doesn’t make you any less of a blogger because you’re not on there. I think some people think they’ll automatically become the next Zoella but it takes a lot of hard work and in all honesty a lot of likability (and luck?) to become successful on youtube.

4. Blogging will make you rich?
Well if only!Ha but seriously blogging isn’t an easy path to make money. Yes there are ways to monetise your blog and some people are lucky enough to earn a living from it. However, for most blogging is a great hobby.

5. You need money to be a blogger.
You dont need a lot of money to blog. You can have a read of my post on blogging when you’re broke here. There are lots of things you can blog about without spending a penny. Its easy to think that you need to go out and buy every new product to review but you really don’t. Try and think outside the box when it comes to writing.

6. Blogging is easy.
Before blogging, I never realised just how much time it takes to create a blog and all the things that come with it. You’re a content creator, editor, admin, social media, all in one blogging machine and that eats up a lot of time. Yes its very enjoyable but like everything, it has its ups and downs, frustrations and all that jazz. If you’re passionate then investing time and energy is 100% worth it!

7. Everyone lives in a dreamland of white walls, candles, flowers and cosy bedding.
Despite how things often look on blogs/social media, no-one has a perfect life or lives in a dream house filled with incredible things. Remember people only show snippets – everyone has their bad days and has their own struggles. In reality, I’m sure most bloggers are just like you and me and no-one is perfect despite perceptions.…

15 mac eyeshadow swatches & dupes

Its taken a few years but I’ve finally filled a MAC palette. At £10 a pop these aren’t exactly the cheapest shadows on the market. I mean £150 for an eyeshadow palette (plus the cost of buying the palette to hold them in) is an insane amount of money. However, I’ve managed to pick most of these up either in blog sales/during debenhams promotions/with my debs reward points and from birthday/Xmas gifts. I still have the old style palette, I know they’ve updated them since. I think you have to buy the insert separately now? so more expense basically! I generally find MAC shadows to have good pigmentation. The matte shadows tend to be on the drier side but still have good pigmentation and are long wearing. Below, I have a little rundown of the shades I own, the ones I consider to be must haves and some known dupes.

From left to right:

Shrooma light beige with shimmer (satin finish) – soft, smooth & pigmented. The swatch doesn’t do it justice. A must have neutral. Known dupes: wet n wild walking on eggshells palette (lightest shade), makeup geek shimma shimma, milani classic beige.

Brulecreamy beige (satin finish) – soft, smooth & pigmented but slightly on the powdery side. Known dupes: milani almondine, wet n wild brulee, urban decay foxy.

Yoghurtsoft pale pink (matte finish) – slightly dry but well pigmented. Known dupe: wet n wild lust palette (light pink shade).

Malt –  neutral beige (matte finish) – slightly dry but good pigmentation. Know dupes: wet n wild lust palette, milani french vanilla.

Satin Taupecool toned mauve taupe brown (frost finish) – soft, smooth & pigmented. A must have. Know dupes: wet n wild nutty, inglot 402 pearl, nyx iced mocha.

from left to right:

All That Glitterssoft beige with gold pearl (veluxe pearl finish) – soft, smooth, pigmented. A must have. Know dupes: urban decay sidecar, nyx champagne, cover girl mink.

Erasoft golden beige (satin finish) – buttery smooth, soft, pigmented. Very underrated & a must have neutral. Known dupes: chanel fauvre.

Espressomuted gold brown (matte finish) – slightly dry but pigmented. Known dupes: bobbi brown chocolate, sleek storm palette (matte brown shade), body shop brow/liner kit in brown.

Bronzebronze (frost finish) – soft, smooth, pigmented. Know dupes: nyx deep bronze.

Fig 1true purple (matte finish) – slightly dry but pigmented, though not as much as other shades. Know dupes: wet n wild lust palette.

From left to right:

Sumptuous Oliveolive green with gold pearl (veluxe pearl finish) – soft, smooth & pigmented. Known dupes: milani antiqued gold, inglot 433 pearl, nyx herb.

Greensmokegreyish green (lustre finish) – I think mine has turned into a dud over time as it now feels really dry with a  lack of pigmentation. I’ve had mine a while but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like this when I first bought it. Known dupes: maybelline mad for mauve palette (green shade).

Steamyblue green with gold pearl (frost finish) – smooth, soft & pigmented. Known dupes: nyx jungle fever, milani clover.

Deep Truth true metallic blue (frost finish) – smooth, soft & pigmented. Known dupes: nyx atlantic, milani blue my mind, inglot 428.

Contrast dark navy blue with blue pearl (velvet finish) – slightly dry but good pigmentation. Known dupes: nyx morocco, nyx lake moss trio.

My favourites from these are satin taupe, shroom and era, though I do enjoy using the matte finishes as I find them really long wearing. The only bad shade in these is greensmoke but I’m not sure if its because I’ve had it a while. I probably need to repurchase as I’m sure it was better quality when I first purchased it. Overall, MAC shadows are good quality, though some are better than others. I still have quite a few more shades on my wishlist. What are your favorite MAC shadows? 

Add more glamour and flair to your natural lashes. Visit the salon to get professional eyelash extensions Honolulu done quickly and expertly. These lashes are applied carefully after you select the length you like best. They come in short, medium and long lengths. These quality lashes are made to last for weeks and give you the beautiful, easy-wearing look you want for everyday wear or just for special occasions.

Make an appointment now. Your lash technician will work with you to select the style and length that you like best and that flatter you most. Once you choose them you simply lay back and allow the procedure to take place. It is safe, painless and you will come away looking stunning.

You need to care for them as you are instructed in

the perfect hair oil?

Hair products and I have had a very love/hate relationship over the years. There’s only a few hair products that have really wowed me. Having oily roots and dry ends is a tough task to manage and a few years ago, I would have never entertained the thought of using a hair oil but these days, its a different story.

I guess you could say I’ve been converted. OK, I’ve only ever used two hair oils (the above and macadamia) but both of them get the thumbs up, though I think this one may just have the edge. Orofluido Hair Elixir c/o Hairtrade £11.89 contains three organic natural oils – argan, cyperus and linseed, which aim to strengthen, smooth and add shine. You can use this on both dry and wet hair. On wet hair, it aims to reduce drying time, add body and movement and make hair easier to comb. I’ve been using the oil on both damp and dry hair – usually I’ll put a small amount on before styling and add a little more when its fully dry. I find it works well used either way – my hair has a bit more movement to it and it gives my hair more shine when dry.

The texture is really thick so less really is more with this stuff. However, it feels really lightweight once applied – it doesn’t leave any residue at all, its pretty undetectable. A major plus point is the delicious scent. It literally smells like a MAC lipstick, which is all good if you’re a vanilla lover!
I’ve been using this oil for weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference in my hair condition. My hair feels much smoother, sleeker and overall healthier, whilst the ends are less dry. My hair is just so much more manageable *does happy dance*. If you’re a fan of hair oils, then this is definitely one to consider!…


When I started blogging, one of the first things I struggled with was photography. I knew pretty much nothing about taking photos and its still something I’m trying to get to grips with.
My blog photography is very much work in progress. Even though I’m quite a creative person,
My blog photography is very much work in progress. Even though I’m quite a creative person, its not something that comes easily to me. I’ve learnt a few things along the way and I’d like to think my photos have improved over that past two years that I’ve blogged. Today, I have a few tips to share – this wont be anything too technical but I’ll link a few other bloggers posts that explain the tech side way better than I ever could.


Although I do have a dslr camera (canon 1100d – which I would recommend if you’re looking for a beginners dslr) I actually bought it before I started blogging. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely say that you don’t need a fancy camera for blog photos. You can get good quality digital cameras fairly cheap so you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. Its easy to get sucked into with everyone else is buying and what other bloggers are using but if you have a budget, theres no need to go over it. If you are looking for a new camera, I recommend this site where you can have a look at different camera/functions etc. Also don’t be afraid to go instore and ask for assistance with purchasing. The main thing with a camera is getting to know how it works – there should be some guides online/youtube and also if you can, spend some time playing around with the functions, taking photos and seeing how they look when you upload them.


When I first heard this suggestion from other bloggers, I couldn’t understand it. I used to take all my photos with the flash on – it was like my best friend. It was only when I started to play around with my camera that I realised how harsh it really looks.

With flash, the light bounces off certain areas, whereas with natural lighting it just looks far nicer. Luckily, now the weather is improving, its far easier to make the most of the light available. When indoors, I try to take my photographs as near to a window as I can. I don’t own any lighting buts its something I may consider in winter. Temporary Secretary wrote a great post for fashion bloggers and lighting in this post.PHOTO EDITING
Again, this is something I never really bothered with in the early days, apart from cropping. These days I do edit my photos a little more. Gwen from This Fashion is Mine wrote an amazing post on photo editing here and this is pretty much how I now edit my photos. However, you don’t need photoshop to edit your photos. I like to use ipiccy as well – you can work with curves, levels and saturation on there. Its less complex than photoshop but still a good (and free) programme to use.


A nice background can make a huge difference to a photograph and give it that something extra. I like to use either my ikea helmer, notebooks, makeup bag, trays, magazines etc. You could really use anything – if you’re stuck for something try taking a few free wallpaper samples from a DIY shop. I would say try not to use anything that looks cluttered so the products you’re focusing stand out. You could try different things. I usually take around 50 pictures for each blog post – sometimes they might look good on the camera screen but once uploaded they might not look right so I like to take a lot of photos.


Finally, sizing your photos to a medium/large size can really help them to stand out on your blog. You can resize your photos to all the same size by reading this post I wrote not too long ago. I find smaller pictures can get lost within the text and nice, clear photos will help to draw readers into the blog post.
These are just a few things I’ve learnt, like I said I’m no expert and I try not to get too hung up over the fact that my photos might not look quite as good as others. If you struggle with photography like I do, try to focus on your content and just do the best you can. As I always say, blogging is meant to be fun so try not to fret too much!…