Leaving your blog link in a comment section is a great way to get your blog ‘out there’. As a blogger, I like to see who’s commenting and I’ve found some wonderful blogs not only in the comment section on here but also on other blogs too.

In the standard comment section of blogger/wordpress if you leave a link in the normal way it wont be a clickable link. So for example, if I were to comment on a blog post and leave this link underneath

you cant click on it to see my blog, you would have to copy and paste the link into the bar (or enter it manually) at the top of your browser for my blog to show.
In order to leave a clickable link all you need to do is add a little html coding, so mine would be<a href=””>Sweet Electric Blog</a>

or for your clicky link

<a href=”your blog link here”>your name or blog name here</a>
Just delete the blue text and add your blog/website link and delete the yellow and add your name/site name.

This is how my link now looks in comments

Your blog link is now clickable so now it will take people straight to your site!

I hope this was helpful!

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