Search engine optimisation basically relates to how your blog is placed in search engine results. I’ve already written a post on 5 quick and easy seo tips for bloggers which you can read as a basic starting point. I don’t really consider seo too much when I’m writing on here as its my hobby and I generally like to write in a casual manner. However, for work purposes I do deal with search engine optimisation techniques and I thought it might be useful to share some of the resources that have helped me gain a little more understanding of the subject. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to seo, however if you’re looking to better your blogs standings in search engines (and gain more traffic to your blog) then these are all great resources with very helpful information (p.s. if you have wordpress, I really recommend using the Yoast plugin – its so easy to use).

Anatomy of a blogpost with great seo
A great example of an optimised blog post.

The future of SEO: what to know in 2014
but very relevant now too. How to adapt yourself for the ever evolving world wide web.

How to name your blog photos and why you should
A quick guide for both wordpress and blogger on naming your images.

12 tips and tools for making seo as easy as 123.
A really easy and concise guide to seo.

seo for bloggers: the non techie guide
An easy way to understand seo with some useful tips.

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