Social media accounts are a great platform for getting your blog and posts out there. I have very little knowledge of social media – I’ll chuck a tweet out and repin a few images and hope for the best. This year, I want to get a bit more serious with my accounts and look into how I can really work them to their potential when it comes to blogging. I use Twitter and Pinterest mainly but I throw a few images out on instagram now and again. If you’re like me and want to know a bit more about how we can improve our social media accounts then this post might prove fruitful. Gaining subscribers on your accounts is a way to really help improve your blog reach – the more followers you have, the more chance that people will see your blog posts. If you want to grow your social media subscribers then the following may help (click the bold title to view the blog page).

Grow your Instagram followers

If you’re like me and clueless about Instagram then this post may help. There are some great tips here.

How to get more Twitter followers

There’s some really useful information in this post, especially if you’re new to Twitter or want to start up an account.

10 Facebook tips

If your blog has a Facebook page then this is for you.

Grow your Pinterest following

If you’ve joined the Pinterest bandwagon then this post is highly recommended. I’m going to implement some of these strategies and see if they work.

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