Originality in Blogging | How To Stand Out


One piece of advice that always comes up for bloggers is to be original. Making yourself stand out in a world of thousands of bloggers is tough going.

First Base | Primers


Primers used to be a product I never understood. Back in the day, I would splash my face with cold water in a morning and then apply my makeup. Since my beauty blogging days started, I've become more interested in a morning skincare routine, followed by a primer.

MeMeMe Cosmetics & The Best Mascara Ever?


Mememe cosmetics is a brand I first tried several years ago. I cant even remember what the product was so fair to say that it didn't leave an everlasting impression. Since then, mememe have been given an image overhaul with their inspiration from Ancient Greece and their branding based on a celebration of free spirits.

Concealing Dark Circles & Blemishes


I rarely go a day without using some sort of concealer. Even if I don't have any blemishes, I still have a little redness to cover and undereye dark circles.

How to add social media icons to blog posts!

Linking your social media accounts to your blog is not only a good way to boost your subscribers but in turn get your blog posts 'out there'. 
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