Introducing FrannyMac...

I've had a few wonderful blogs advertising on here over the past few months. As Fran has been sponsoring my blog for a while, I thought it would be nice to get to know her a little better so I asked her a few blogging related questions!Make sure you check out here blog here.

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1. How long have you been blogging?

 I've been blogging for about 5 years, but the platform and style has very much changed over that time. Originally, I used Tumblr and mostly just posted snaps and short quips about my day.. Oh and reblogged photos of cute animals! I only properly started writing when I discovered Blogger though, as generally walls of text didn't go down so well elsewhere! 

2. What do you like most about the blogging community and blogging?

The people! Although some people say there's a catty element to the community, I've never encountered it. In fact ever single person I've spoke to has been lovely. It's also great to read reviews from other like minded people, oh and to know I'm not alone in my makeup addiction...

3. Do you see yourself blogging in five years?

Yes, but maybe not in entirely the same style. I mean, in my late twenties I'll probably some slightly different interests, even though makeup has and will always be one of them! 

4. What are your favourite beauty brands or products?

Oh my days, I have far too many. I genuinely find a new product I love every week. Mac is my go to for anything base and foundation wise and I adore their lipsticks too. I love Makeup Revolution for eye makeup, mostly because I can experiment with so many quality shades without bankrupting myself. 

5. What tips or advice would you give to a new blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog?

Don't feel guilty about your blog. If you're a day late posting something you planned, don't beat yourself up. It's meant to be fun. Other than that is, if you see a post you like comment on it! Not only will you make the person who wrote it smile, they'll also most likely have a nosey at your blog too! 

Thanks so much for answering my questions Fran!

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How to Use Pinterest To Boost Your Blog

Though Pinterest is a great way to procrastinate, its also great for helping to promote your blog and posts. I'm bar far a Pinterest expert but I do use it for my blog and I'm starting to see a bit of traffic from there. This post is a brief guide with links to other information that's really helpful in getting the most out of it. 

What is Pinterest?
If you dont know what Pinterest is, its basically a platform where you can pin images you like to boards. If you sign up to pinterest, I think its a good idea to have a button/social media icon or widget (like I have further down the page) so your subscribers can easily follow you on there. I also think its useful to have a business account - you can sign up hereIts pretty much the same as a standard account but you get to see your analytics so you can view which of your pins are popular which in turn can help you to boost your pinterest subscribers. 

How do I pin images from my blog?
I use a pinterest widget for chrome toolbar which allows you to easily pin images from websites onto your boards (you can find that here). You can also add a pin it button to your images so your blog readers can easily pin your blog photos to their boards - this post explains how to add a pin it button to your images. You can also add a share button underneath your posts like I currently have so its even easier for readers to pin your posts/images - you'll find how to do that here.

How do I gain subscribers on Pinterest?
I think the best way to gain followers on Pinterest is by making sure that you have a widget or follow button on your blog, regularly pin images from other pinners onto your boards and follow other pinners or their boards. As I said at the start of this post, I'm no expert on Pinterest and I dont have thousands of subscribers on there so I've started reading advice from others on how to make the most of my pinterest account. This post offers some good insight into growing your pinterest profile as does this infographic.

What are rich pins?
Rich pins include extra information about the image source. If you want to enable rich pins for blogger (note to self - you need to do this!) then this is a brilliant post by XOMISSE.com

What else do I need to know?
Some great resources to read are:

Do you have a Pinterest account - leave your link below if so!
Do you have any Pinterest tips to share?

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5 Ways To Up Your Blogging Game

If 2015 is the year that you're planning to try and push to improve your blogging game then I have a few ways to share in which you can do that. These are obviously my suggestions and as always, you should only do what works for you and your blog.

1. Improve your blog design/redesign your blog
Redesigning your blog can help to keep your blog fresh. It's worth baring in mind how you can improve your current layout. For instance; 
Do you have links to your social media accounts - I've found so many blogs that don't display any way to follow them on other platforms. 
Do you have a picture of yourself on your blog? - not always necessary but its nice for the reader to see the writer behind the blog.
Is your design uncluttered and are the fonts easy to read?
Have you linked to previous posts?
Are categories easy to find?

2. Photography
I've said before that photography isn't my strong point - I've linked to some resources in this post that are all helpful. I personally don't think splashing out on an expensive camera or lighting is suddenly going to improve your blog photography but taking little steps, such as getting to know your camera and using cheap lighting options may help. You can pick up lamps and daylight bulbs fairly cheaply from DIY stores or Ebay and I have a few background ideas in this post. If photo editing is something you want to know more about then my post on a photo editing process for busy girls may be of interest.

3. Promotion
Promoting your blog and posts is massively important if you want to improve your stats. Once you've written a great post, getting it out there via social media will help to boost views and subscribers.  I've written a post here on how to promote your posts via social media and networking.

4. Monetisation
Making money from your blog is now a fairly common thing. If you're considering using your blog to make money then my guide to monetising your blog and using google adsense to earn money  may be useful. I also think its useful to consider how other bloggers make money - I love this post from By Regina. Whilst you're not going to be earning those kinds of figures from your blog straight away, its definitely food for thought and shows that with a lot of hard work, results can happen!

5. Consider SEO
If you use Wordpress then you may find it easier to take SEO into consideration as there a few plugins you can use (I recommend Yoast). If you use Blogger then its a little less straightforward. I could write a whole essay on SEO as there is a lot to consider but to keep things simple I have a post on 5 SEO tips for bloggers. 

Do you have any tips for upping your blogging game?

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Topshop Cream blush | Head Over Heels & Morning Dew

Meet my new obsession - Topshop Cream Blushers. I've always enjoyed using cream formulas but I've always felt that there's a real lack of them on the high street. These Topshop blushes have been around for a while. As my local Topshop shut down years ago, I've only just got around to visiting my nearest store (well, finding a store that stocks makeup). The good news is that Topshop beauty is now available on Feel Unique so their products are much easier to get hold of. The two blush shades I have are morning dew and head over heels.

Morning dew is a bright pink that translates to a lighter shade once applied on the skin. The formula of these is a light cream that transforms to a powder once blended in. I don't find the texture is particularly dewy so if that kind of finish is your thing then these may be a skip for you. However, for oily skin types this formula is perfect as the blush doesn't slide off the skin.

Head over heels is a coral toned peach/pink. Again the formula is exactly the same. Its really easy to blend and doesn't have an oily finish or texture. The only negative I can find about these blushes is that they fade by the end of the day. If I've worn this during the day and plan on going out in the evening then I'd have to reapply. Then again as I'm very pale, I only apply a small amount to begin with. If you're a darker skin tone, you could easily build up the colour of these which may prevent fading.

Swatches - head over heels on the left and morning dew on the right. 

For £7, these blushes are a good buy!The packaging is very cute too though I've heard it can get quite grubby. I'd definitely like to try more Topshop beauty.

Have you ever tried Topshop makeup?

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MAC Cinderella Collection 2015 Colour Story


To coincide with the live action film, MAC's newest collection is Cinderella with baby blue special packaging and yellow gold. I've managed to track down some images above (I'll update when I find official images) but there are also several floating around on Instagram too. The official colour story is below. What do you think? I think it looks better than than last years Maleficent collection - the lipsticks in particular look divine!


Secret Lover (Lustre)
Royal Ball (Lustre)


 Happily Ever After - Pink with blue pearl
Glass Slipper - Pink with pink pearl

Beauty Powder

Mystery Princess - Pink biege with silver shimmer 

Iridescent Powder 

Coupe D'Chic - Light golden peach with shimmer


Little Black Bow - Grey with silver pearl


Reflects Pearl - Fine white glitter

* 6 X Eyeshadow Palette

Studio EyeGloss 

• Pearl Varnish
• Lightly Tauped


 Pretty It Up - Mid tone olive with pearlized pigments
Evil Stepmother - Black with plum pearl

Studio Fix Lash, Mascara


168 Brush
217 Brush

Release date: Feb/March

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