Your Blog is A Blog...

Over the past few months, I've made a few observations on twitter (usually during the blogger chats) and elsewhere about the blogging community. Theres always going to be varying opinions but one or two things always seems to pop up and I thought I'd share my thoughts.

The big/small blogger divide
Personally I don't agree that there is a 'big' blogger community and 'small' blogger community. A blog is a blog. Yes, some are more established than others as some have been blogging or vlogging for several years but those bloggers are still going the same processes as newer bloggers in creating content.

Dont undervalue yourself
Your blog is your space. You can write whatever you want and go in whichever direction you want to go. Don't feel like you need to do certain things or that your blog has no value because you don't have x amount of subscribers or x number of views.

It's OK to push yourself
If you want to work to improve your blog then theres nothing stopping you. I think sometimes being ambitious is viewed as a negative thing when in reality it really isn't. If you have certain blogging goals then you should absolutely stick to them no matter what people think of you. If you want to create a brand for your blog then go for it. Everyone has different views of their blog and you should do what works for you.

It's OK to say no
Despite the above, its perfectly ok to say no to certain opportunities if it doesn't work for you. Some people fear turning down opportunities that come their way but if its not something that is a good fit for you or your blog then its likely to show. Say authentic and be yourself.

Dont compare yourself
This is easier said than done but every blogger is at different stages of their blogging journey so comparing yourself to other blogs in kinda pointless. Focus on your own content and don't see yourself as being in competition to others.

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5 Ways To Store Your Beauty Products!

Following on from my post on 5 ways to store your makeup brushes, I thought I would look at beauty storage in general. There are several great ways to store your beauty products but these are a few options that I like.

Ikea have some practical and affordable storage solutions. I use the Ikea Helmer, for storing the majority of my beauty products as its only £25 and it has a lot of space. It's also on wheels which makes it easy to move around. I sometimes push it to the window and use it for taking photographs on. I use the antonius inserts for separating my makeup into sections. They're meant to fit but I had to trim the sides down slightly.

A practical solution for bathroom storage is a plastic basket. I purchased this one from Morrisons but I've also seen the in Home bargains and Tesco. I find plastic storage might not be the prettiest option but its sturdy, wipe clean and inexpensive to purchase.

Personally, I think wooden storage is super cute for storing beauty items. I bought this little tray from ebay - this one is similar. It's handy for smaller products, such as perfume and lipbalm. I also really like wooden storage crates for storing larger items, such as bubble bath and shampoo.

For perfume, I love candle dishes or trays. This one is the Ikea skurar small candle dish. They also sell them in much larger sizes than this. 

Acrylic storage is highly popular. This is one I used to use but I don't have the space for anymore (this is an old photo, hence the crappier picture quality). I purchased this one from Amazon here. They also have the lipstick holders here and also on Ebay (super cheap!). The muji acrylic drawers are really practical too - this drawer unit is a cheaper dupe!

How do you store your beauty products?

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A Haircare Overhaul

Haircare is one area that I seem to be forever investing time and money in. Hair products are a complete minefield for me as my hair seems to be classed as several types. Generally my roots are oily, the ends are dry, its slightly wavy/frizzy and coloured - a real mix. Sadly, theres no perfect product that covers everything or maybe I just haven't found one yet but I seem to be still searching for my HG haircare.
I have been trying out a few new products recently so heres a few speedy reviews on whats been gracing my bathroom shelf.

I spotted this newbie for half price in Boots and unlike the majority of high street shampoos, you get a whopping 700ml (though there is a smaller 200ml bottle too). Theres a few versions of this shampoo but I purchased the everyday cleansing variety. I've used this a few times and I have to say that this isn't one for oily hair. It washes the hair well and leaves it looking clean at first but after a day, it starts to look oily again. I can usually get away with washing my hair every other day with other shampoos but I think this would work better on other hair types. It did make hair feel soft though.

I'm already on my second bottle of this shampoo as its been a real surprise. I'm not a massive fan of loreal hair products but this shampoo makes my hair look clean and shiny. Its as good as pricier shampoos I've used so I'm sure I'll keep using this.

I've tried a few hair oils but this one may just have the edge over the others. Organic worlds Brazilian oil is infused with keratin to smooth, repair and add shine. Its slightly watery but it feels weightless, meaning you can use it on damp or dry hair. I usually add a small amount before styling as it really makes my hair feel like silk. It helps to tame my static hair and doesn't feel oily either.

I mentioned this product a while back but its one I'm still enjoying using. This milky serum defrizzes, detangles and smooths without making the hair look greasy. I like to use this on dry hair before brushing as it helps to untangle any knots. It has a really lovely jasmine scent too.

Even though I've used this in the past, I decided to re-purchase it after spying it on offer on Amazon. I'll be honest and say that I don't think the John Frieda range is all that great. Don't get me wrong, its not terrible but I find it slightly over hyped for what it is. This serum is OK but I find it weighs my hair down slightly and can make my roots look oilier. It might work better on dry hair but its not one I will be raving about.

Have you tried any of these products?

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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Today...

Regardless of where you are in your blogging journey - you may be a new blogger or have a few years of blogging experience under your belt, there may be times when you want to push or 'up' your blogging game. Improving your blog doesn't have to be a complicated task. Sometimes making a few small changes can make a massive difference and today I'm showing you 5 easy ways you can make some little changes right now.

1. Blog design
Changing your blog design is a lot easier than it seems. You don't need to be an html/design expert - I have several tutorials here that may help you and google is a world of information. You don't need to change your whole design either, just making one or two small changes can keep your blog fresh. Whether its changing your page font, header (its super easy to make a new header in an online photo editor) or colours.

2. Contact details
Having your email details and social media links marked clearly on your blog ensures that readers/companies can get in touch with you and subscribe to your social media easily. Theres been so many times I've stumbled across a blog and there has been no subscribe button. I would also recommend adding social media links to each blog post as again it makes it that bit easier for readers to click on and subscribe to your channels.

3. Join social media
Following on from the above point, I would recommend joining twitter and other social media in order to help publicise your blog posts and interact with other bloggers. Pinterest also seems to be a great way of getting your content 'out there'. You can add a pinterest widget (like I have on the right hand side) via your pinterest settings.

4. Make your photographs stand out.
Images can play a massive part in making your content shine. I truly believe you dont need to be a photography expert or have a top of the range camera to improve your blog photographs. Consider making your photographs larger as smaller ones can be slightly off putting - you can do this easily by visiting my tutorial here.

5. Link to your previous posts
Linking to previous posts is a great way to boost your views and encourage new readers to read your earlier content. You can do this by linking to previous posts in your blog post content (similar to what I've done in point 4 by linking to a html tutorial) or you can add a widget to your blog. For example, I use linkwithin to link to similar content at the end of each blog post. Nrelate and Engageya also have similar widgets.

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7 Awesome Beauty Tutorials On The Web!

Despite being a huge beauty lover, I'm no expert at application. Luckily for me, there are loads of amazing beauty tutorials on the net. Today I'm sharing 7 awesome tutorials (click on the bold text to see it in action).

navy smokey eye 

 creating fuller lips

fake supermodel cheekbones

how to apply eyeliner

DIY floral nails

retro waves

1 minute smokey eye

Do you have any favourite tutorials?

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