Using Blogging Advice To Better Your Blog

If you're an avid blog reader then you'll probably know that there are plenty of blog tips out there. I've posted many posts on blogging but as a reader I know that it can be difficult to know which advice to take. There are posts on getting started, organisation, content creation etc. Knowing which tips to follow can make a real difference to your blog, so here is an overview on using blog advice to your advantage.

Which parts of your blog do you want to work on?
Knowing which parts of your blog you want to concentrate on or which aspects of blogging you're interested in can help you to use that information effectively. For example, if you're a new blogger then you might not want to focus on monetising your blog at this moment in time. Sure, you can bookmark that information for a later date but working on areas, such as promoting your blog might be more beneficial to you. 

Search for specifics
If you're searching for information on google then knowing exactly what your looking for can help. There are thousand of articles out there so keeping your search as specific as possible will help return search results that are worth looking at.

Avoid information overload
Reading too much information on one subject can be very overwhelming. Try to stick to reading no more than three articles at one time. Make notes on aspects you find interesting/want to implement. 

What works for someone else might not work for you
Whilst I've written blogging advice and tips, its important for me to note that I'm not an expert at blogging and most of the blog posts I've written are my thoughts and suggestions. As a reader, any of the content I read on blogging are things I take with a pinch of salt - there is a lot of valuable information there but they're not necessarily things that will work for me. Different things work for different people and doing what works best for you is always important. 

What do you want to do?
If you know what direction you want your blog to go in, for instance is blogging a hobby or is it something you want to use to boost your career goals then you can use blog resources to help your blog vision. I truly believe that blog advice/tips should complement your overall blog vision, rather than be a 'how to' or tell you how to run your blog. I've seen a lot of tips on how to increase your blog views/how to improve your traffic/how to increase subscribers. Using these tips and following strict advice probably wont work for you if you're not considering the type of content YOU want to create. I read an interesting post recently on how a blogger makes thousands of dollars per month via his blog. Now, whilst it proved an engaging read, I'm not going to copy the type of content he creates as its a completely different niche and I have my own ideas. 

Know your strengths
Knowing what you're good at can prove very rewarding when it comes to using blogging advice. If improving your page views is something you want to work on then taking a look at your google analytics or blogger statistics can help you to discover what your most popular posts are. Finding out your most popular posts can help you plan your content in relation to what people want to read and can also help you to find advice that will work for you in relation to planning your content to boost views, for example using keywords and seo. Similarly, if photography is your strong point then information on advanced photography might be useful to you as its something you could push even more.

You don't need to know everything
There are articles on possible every blog subject you could ever imagine. Don't feel like you need to know or use every piece of information. For instance, If you blog as a hobby then information on pro blogging will probably be of no use to you at all. I sometimes think that new bloggers in particular must be completely overwhelmed by all the blogging advice out there. You really don't need to utilise information on aspects such as seo, photography, monetisation etc if you don't want to. Its great that information is easily accessible and can be considered in professional terms but blogging can also be your means of escaping everyday life and a fun hobby!

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#BareFaceOrBold Westfield Palette Challenge | Bold Look 1

This week I'm collaborating with Westfield on their #BoldfaceOrBold palette challenge. Even though I love makeup and experimenting with different looks, I don't wear a lot of colourful shades. I must admit, I think this bold look turned out better than I expected as I thought it was going to be a disaster but somehow I don't think it looks too bad.

For the eyes I used Bobbi Brown Beige eyeshadow* on the lid with blonde* in the crease. On the top lid I used bluebell* as a liner and ultra violet* on the lower lash line. I also used Bobbi Brown blush in pale pink*

For lips I used MAC girl about town lipstick.

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Keeping Motivated With Your Blog

One of the things I've struggled with as a blogger is motivation. Some days it just isn't there at all and I want to do anything but blog on here. Whether you blog as a hobby or as a career, you will probably know that when you're at home and surrounded by many ways to procrastinate, its very easy to become distracted. As a blogger, you're out on your own (well unless you write your blog with others) so everything falls in your lap - you're the writer, editor, photographer, administrator etc. so being motivated will help you get those tasks done efficiently. Theres a few things I've learnt along the way that have helped with being productive and getting things done.

Know when you can blog
If you work or study full time or just have very little free time due to other commitments then finding time to blog can be difficult. To solve this issue, schedule a time in your diary when you can realistically sit down and get to work on your blog. If you know that your going to be exhausted when you arrive home from work/study then it might not be best to do your blogging then. Is there a time when you know you'll be able to focus on your blog and not be distracted? Knowing when you're most likely to be productive will be a big help to getting motivated and its far likely that you'll enjoy it much more.

Be organised
I'm far more motivated and productive when I'm organised. Using a notebook or diary to note down your post ideas, photos you need to take and making a checklist of tasks that need to be done really does help you to stay focused. You don't need a fancy planner or anything like that - I've linked to several free printable blog planners in this post which will help with your blog planning. 

Focus on one thing at once
Trying to tackle too many tasks in one go can lead to blogger meltdown. Taking on one task at a time can mean your far more productive in the long run. 

Use shortcuts
You don't need to make life hard for yourself if you have little free time to spend on your blog. You don't need to spend hours photographing products/looks or editing on photoshop if you don't want to. I wrote a post on photo editing for busy girls using free online photo editing. 
I also like to bookmark certain websites that I know are going to be useful so I dont need to spend ages looking for the information I need. Scheduling your social media is also a good way to save on time. You can link your bloglovin account to your twitter and facebook so your new posts appear automatically on your feeds. 

Do what you love
I always say this but if your creating blog content that you love then your motivation to blog is likely to be much higher. Don't be afraid to post what you want to post regardless of what people might think. That is a tough hurdle to overcome but I think it really shows when a writer is passionate about what they write and it makes much more enjoyable for the reader too.

Don't feel guilty
Don't beat yourself up for not posting new content every day or for taking a break if you need one. Taking some time out to just enjoy life can be refreshing and help you come with new ideas or give you a fresh perspective for your blog. I went through a period of pushing myself too hard and in the end, I felt completely burnt out. Taking a step back made me feel much more positive and I enjoyed returning to my blog after a little break. Blogging should be a fun, creative outlet and its perfectly OK to take a step back to find your motivation and passion again. 

Do you have any tips for staying motivated with blogging?

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#BareFaceorBold Palette Challenge With Westfield | Look 3

This week I'm collaborating with Westfield on their #BareFaceOrBold campaign. Today is the last of the barefaced looks, which to be honest wasn't difficult to create as I generally keep my makeup toned down during the day.
For this post, I wore my usual base makeup, which you can see in yesterdays post here (my lipstick in today's photo is MAC shy girl). For the eyes, I simply swept over a little of Bobbi Browns eyeshadow in ivory*, which is ideal for brightening the eye area. I also used a little of Bobbi Browns eyeshadow in blonde* to line the bottom lash line.

Ivory - bottom row far left
blonde - top row far right

What eyeshadow do you use to brighten the eye area?

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#barefaceorbold Westfield Palette Challenge | Look 2

This week I'm collaborating with Westfield on their #BareFaceOrBold palette challenge. Today's look is another barefaced attempt. I wouldn't really call it barefaced as such but its a nice soft slightly smokey eye for a daytime look. We'll ignore the brow situation here as I'm currently growing them out #browproblems.
To create this look, I used Bobbi Brown cement eyeshadow* - a matte light ash brown as for the base followed by Bobbi Brown blonde eyeshadow* in the crease. Despite the name, blonde is a matte medium ash brown. I then used a gold shadow over the lid and a brown liner on the lid and on the bottom lash line.

The rest of the products I used are above - the lipstick is MAC hug me!

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown shadows?

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